Big Thanks! Enjoy our debut!

Debut! Thank You!

Debut release - Count To Ten/Messing With History
Count To Ten/Messing With History

A big thank you to everyone that has bought a copy of our debut. We released ‘Count To Ten/Messing With History’ back in July. If you haven’t already got a copy then you can grab it from iTunes and Amazon.

Enjoy our debut release!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on some new ideas. We’ve also been back in the studio to record a couple of tracks.A catchy new song called ‘You’ll Never Know’, which will be a great follow up to ‘Count To Ten’, and a song titled ‘Go’, which is our version of a ballad. Things are sounding pretty epic so we’re getting excited about people hearing them.


We recently surpassed 1,000 followers on Twitter, which is crazy! It’s good to have a gang watching out for our Twitterings. Our Facebook page has also been getting some likes, if you haven’t already, like our Facebook page! Talking of support, massive thanks go out to the following people! Push To Fire interviewed Matt, and another one with the awesome Ross Ocego of Radio Warrington which you can playback here (about 2 minutes in).  Boston’s Indie Minded also ran an interview which you can read here and they also featured us in their top ten tracks they’ve been playing in August. We’ve also received tonnes of spins from Gemini at CyberFM and the lovely Steve and Anne at EGH Radio went crazy for ‘Messing With History’, with Anne going as far as saying that it should be “top of the download charts”. Kind words indeed!

Finally, our friends at Alternative Tracks featured our Video for Count To Ten as their Video of The Day. Check it out below if you haven’t already seen it. It has recently hit 500 plays which is ace!

Marvellous stuff!

Our Debut Single Is Out Now

Count To Ten/Messing With History

That’s it! You can download a copy of our debut double-A side release ‘Count To Ten/Messing With History’ from iTunes, Amazon, and all over the shop. It is also available via Spotify!

Count To Ten and Messing With History - Single Artwork
Count To Ten and Messing With History – Single Artwork

Press and Radio

Alternative Tracks Video Clip of The Day
Alternative Tracks Video Clip of The Day

In the run up to the single’s release there has been a flurry of press and radio activity.

Alternative Tracks chose our homemade video for ‘Count To Ten’ as their video of the day.

We received some lovely words from Rock Britain who wrote: “The Four Fours pen songs raw and well-crafted, infectious and impressive.” They also spent time asking us about the inspiration behind ‘Count To Ten’ and ‘Messing With History’. Click here to read the full article.

Mistree Magazine reviewed the single stating that “while it is raw and punk-y, it is polished and refined and makes me want to hear more”.

We also had a nice chat with RIFFED. Click here to read the full interview.

Meanwhile our single received radio play from all over the place. Some plays include CyberFM, EGH Radio, Rock 101 Radio, Code Zero Radio, Lonely Oak Radio and Haggerston Radio among others.

Back in the Studio

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be heading back into the studio to record, record, record! We’ll update you with more details nearer the time and as ever we’ll be tweeting now and again during our recording sessions.

More Merch

The Four Fours - Badges
The Four Fours Badges in the Shop

We’ve added a few more items to the shop. These include some new t-shirts, a bag,  a mug and badges! Check them out!

Thanks to everyone that has supported us so far!

Matt, Chris & Rich – The Four Fours

T-shirts! Just In Time For Summer


The Four Fours T-shirts
The Four Fours T-shirts Now Available

The Four Fours t-shirts are now available from our new merch store here.

They’re pretty gucci and come in ladies and gents versions. T-shirt sizes range from small to 3XL for women and small to 5XL for the fellas.

Single Pre-order Via Qobuz

‘Count To Ten/Messing With History’ is now available to pre-order for anyone kicking around in France via Qobuz.


Matt’s been answering questions for Know Me Better and Unsigned Interviews this month. You can find out about his favourite moment in music at Unsigned Interviews and the band’s ultimate aim in the music industry and what it is about his Mum that makes her his number one influence at Know Me Better.

Other News

State-side we’ve been added to the playlists at Full Impact Radio and WDNY Radio part of the 365 Radio Network and the request playlist at C.N.E.U Radio, head over there and give us a spin.

Also in the US the lovely DJ Bob of Code Zero Radio was kind enough to give ‘Count To Ten’ another play on his Follow Friday Shoutout Show. Cheers Bob!

Meanwhile Music Gleaner described ‘Count To Ten’ as a tracks that’s “rocky, infectious and paves the way for this bands future” and we’ve had a nice little featurette written about us from the people at SupaJam.

Pre-order Our Single on iTunes Now!

Update: Our friends in the USA can now pre-order ‘Count To Ten/Messing With History’ from Amazon.

Pre-order via iTunes

Pre-order Count To Ten and Messing With History
Pre-order Count To Ten and Messing With History from iTunes

‘Count To Ten/Messing With History’ is available to pre-order from iTunes today! Our double A-side single will be downloadable on the 14th of July from a large selection of online retailers including the usual suspects. Click here to pre-order now!


Listen Again

If you missed ‘Messing With History’ on Aaron Phillip’s Amazing Rock Show on Amazing Radio this past Saturday then for the next month or so you can listen again here. Meanwhile ‘Count To Ten’ featured on Colorado based Front Range Radio on Party 934 Radio in the early hours of this morning. You can listen again to Tim’s show here.

A massive thank you for all the support.

Matt, Chris and Rich – The Four Fours

Amazing News About Amazing Radio

Amazing Radio

Aaron Phillips - Amazing Rock Show - Amazing Radio
Aaron Phillips – Amazing Rock Show

We received some ace news today from Amazing Radio. Aaron Phillips will play ‘Messing With History’ on his Amazing Rock Show on Saturday . We’ve been told it will be on just after 8pm GMT. Catch it on DAB if you live in London or Dublin otherwise you can listen online via

Stateside Stations

A big thank you to our stateside friends Lonely Oak Radio, Rock101Radio and Rocker’s Dive for giving ‘Count To Ten’ a spin over the last week or so.

Release Date Imminent – July 14th

As the release of ‘Count To Ten / Messing With History’ draws nearer there is immense excitement within the band. It’s partly because we’re getting our music out there and into your ears. However, at the same time the support from the online community has left us buzzing. There’s loads of love and praise for ‘Count To Ten / Messing With History’ and we really appreciate it. It makes us all warm and tingly inside.

Lovely Online People

Steve at MusicMuso  interviewed us for their introducing section (click here for the interview) and we were featured on the 5th June episode of the Rock News Daily Music Journal. You can listen below (our bit’s about a minute in):

Meanwhile in reviews, Andy at Heavy Metal Time Machine declared that the tracks “would knock the daylights out of the likes of the Foo Fighters and their kind!”.

Whisperin And Hollerin heralded the release as “two great rock tracks that are certainly worth a listen – 9/10″.

“Incredible, infectious, anthemic” is how Chase This Tune described our singles and Buzzjack hailed ‘Count To Ten’ and its “perfect rock rhythms” describing the accompanying video as “brilliantly bonkers”.

Colour Me Stunned said of ‘Count To Ten’ that “it grabs you first time because of its gritty vocals which are perfect for a track of this rock genre” while Booze and Reviews remarked that ‘Count To Ten’ is “a rock track in every way – heavy guitar riffs, rough vocals and an anthemic chorus”.

Amazing. Just amazing.

Matt, Chris and Rich – The Four Fours


It’s a Wrap! Watch ‘Count To Ten’ Music Video

Count To Ten by The Four Fours on YouTube

Video It Yourself

Keeping to our current Do It Yourself ethic of recording and producing our music, maintaining our own web presence, designing artwork and the many, many less exciting things that happen in the background; we decided to put together our own music video too!

We thought it would be ace to do a performance video for ‘Count to Ten‘ to give you guys a vibe to what we’re like live. We wanted to add a little spin by including footage shot from the perspective of each member of the band. We call this band’s-eye view.

Lights, Camera, Action!

We set up the room with all our gear, sprinkled Christmas tree lights around the backline and drum kit, donned our baboon masks and took turns wearing Chris’ trusty GoPro camera. We played along to the the track zillions of times to get a sweet amount of angles.


Video editing is a whiz these days and Chris knocked out a pretty sweet rough edit in one evening using Final Cut Pro X.

Editing The Count To Ten Video in Final Cut Pro X
Editing The Count To Ten Video in Final Cut Pro X

The band then descended upon Chris’ house to tidy up the cuts and add the finishing touches before celebrating down the pub with some local painter and decorator types. Classic.

Matt, Chris and Rich – The Four Fours

Uncovered! Our Single Cover Art

Cover Art

Above is the individual cover art for both of the singles from our up and coming 14th of July double A-side release. Hopefully they’ll look wicked while you’re blasting out ‘Count to Ten‘ and ‘Messing with History’ in your favourite player.

Keep it Simple

The cover art reflects the kind of music we love to create. Straightforward, bold and colourful. No mucking around. We think it looks dead cool! We hope you do too! Download the artwork image files here:

Count To Ten 1000x1000
Count To Ten artwork 1000×1000 pixels
Messing With History 1000x1000
Messing With History artwork 1000×1000 pixels






Matt, Chris and Rich – The Four Fours

We’re Feeling the Love: Find out Who’s Been Kind to Us This Month

Count To Ten

A lot has happened in the month since we unleashed ‘Count to Ten’ from the shackles of our minds and into the wilds of the internet. If you haven’t heard ‘Count to Ten’ yet please check it out via and let us know what you think via the comments or via our twitter account @thefourfours. We hope you like it.

Soundcloud Love

You may be one of quite a few who have already checked it out as ‘Count to Ten’ reached 2,000 plays on Soundcloud over the weekend (5th of April). We’ve been played all over the world in (among others) the US and Canada, the Philippines, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and even Namibia. We live in a really exciting time where you can write and record a track in a couple of days and have it heard around the globe immediately. We love the internet.  As well as helping us to get our stuff heard it aids us in the songswriting process (for more on this check out our biography).

Online Radio Play and Blogs

We’ve been lucky enough to receive support from a number of internet radio stations and blogs over the past couple of weeks. The lovely Matt Barnes of Haggerston Radio described us as “The ‘Mighty’ Four Fours… rock and roll band extraordinaire” after playing us on his show.

Alternative Tracks
Alternative Tracks, safe haven for all unsigned music on the internet, have included us in their introducing section describing ‘Count to Ten’ as “two and half minutes of relentless raw energy… a massive sounding anthem… that screams to be heard”. We also garnered attention from across the Atlantic with US internet radio station Rocker’s Dive sticking us on rotation and Marie Snow of (UN.sung magazine‘s internet radio show) closing her 3rd of April show with ‘Count to Ten’.

Back home ‘Count to Ten’ received airplay from the superbly supportive Martin Breathnach of Hull Online Radio and For Those of You about to Rock, a massive Soundcoud group with nearly half a million followers, reposted ‘Count to Ten’ on their profile. Thrilling stuff! Thank you all. Matt, Chris and Rich – The Four Fours

Count to Ten! Check out Our Rocking Track

Count to Ten

This is ‘Count to Ten’. It’s two and a half minutes of filthy, blood and guts rock from us, UK three-piece The Four Fours. It’s got throat-ripping vocals, urgent stabby guitars and (we reckon) an outrageous singalong chorus.

Gun Fight

It’s sort of like the sound made if Queens of the Stone Age brought knives to a gun fight with Arctic Monkeys. Possibly. Don’t take our word for it. Please have a listen to ‘Count to Ten’ and let us know what you think either via Soundcloud (as per the player above), via Twitter (@thefourfours) or leave a comment using the link at the top of the post. Matt, Chris and Rich – The Four Fours

Blood and Guts UK Alternative Rock Band